Energy sector policy document approved by the Parliament


“Document of State Policy on Energy”, “Amendment to the Law on Energy” and “Amendment to the Law on Renewable Energy” were approved by the State Great Khural on 19 June, 2015.

It has become necessary to improve the legal environment and policy document for the Energy sector due to recent year’s economic and social rapid growth, market communication intensity, and legal reform of investment environment, initiative of foreign and domestic investors interested in the energy sector and implementation of various programs in the sector.

Approving “Document of State Policy on Energy” provides legal basis for assessing the current situation, facing difficulties and resources of the Energy sector, identifying 6 strategic goals, 26 targets within 3 leading fields and implementing them in 2 phases, from 2015-2023 and from 2024-2030.

The purpose of this document is to provide stable and reliable supply and security, to increase performance and productivity, to reduce negative impact on the environment of energy sector, and to identify the leading field, strategic goal and purpose of the energy sector, which will direct to make decisions in the future and implement the arrangements within the scope of supporting green development, and the document will be the main legal backgfound to plan arrangements including energy sector development, improving primary energy output, creating of fuel resource, electric heating production, supply process and effectiveness, and developing public private partnership, re-establishing the sector to a free market system, developing the sector’s legal environment, management, organization and structure, and strengthening the capacity of the personnel.

The policy document was developed considering the development of energy sector of Mongolia together with legislation, structure and infra-structure policy in connection with “The concept of green development” and “Green development policy”, which were approved by State Great Khural. It is considered by the professionals of the energy sector that this policy document will positively impact the domestic and foreign investors, who will invest in the energy sector.