First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

Legal Policy firm was founded in 2008 by teaming up of a Mongolian leading university’s  professor, a researcher, a commercial bank lawyer and an advocate, and today it has become an organization that has competent operational experience, is trusted by its clients, cooperates with international prestigious law firms and tries to form high standard of business ethics.

A good quality legal consulting service is inevitably necessary for the success of a business; therefore, we aim to develop long term cooperation with our clients by providing the best legal services for them with a fair and reasonable cost. You can trust us that we will provide you high quality services regardless of complicacy of the issue or dispute, language and culture difference and time restriction.

A legal service provider is evaluated by its lawyers and advocates and thus, we are distinguished by not only the advantage of our team’s professional skills and experience, but also the strict compliance of professional and ethical high standards in our operation.

Our leading legal services are: (a) consulting: to provide consulting for investment projects of public and private partnership (PPP) and private finance initiative (PFI) and projects of mining, energy, infrastructure, innovation – intellectual property, competition, corporate management and bond; and (b) advocacy in cases and disputes:  to protect our clients’ legal rights and interest, to conciliate and to represent them at court and arbitration in civil, administrative and criminal cases.

We have potentials and human and strategic partnership resources to represent and protect our clients’ legal right and interest not only in Mongolian legal environment, but also in the regional and international legal environment. Therefore, I am confident that our lawyers who are highly conscious of business methods, risks and solutions shall be your close advisors you can trust.

With best regards,

Otgonbayar Lkhamsuren (LL.M)

Barrister, Managing Partner

Legal Policy LLP