The ‘Legal Policy’ law firm (hereinafter “LP”) advises and provides legal services to companies, legal entities and individuals doing business in Mongolia. Legal Policy firm was founded in 2008 by teaming up of a Mongolian leading university’s  professor, a researcher, a commercial bank lawyer and an advocate, and today it has become an organization that has competent operational experience, is trusted by its clients, cooperates with international prestigious law firms and tries to form high standard of business ethics.

In the first few years, the firm provided legal services, including a legal analysis and policy advice, and played a leading role in policy analyses for ongoing judicial and innovative legal documents and the formulation of those documents’ project and architecture.

Today the firm is operating under the new management of Mr Otgonbayar Lkhamsuren, who is a qualified attorney. He acquired an LL.M in Competition law and Innovation at the University of Edinburgh and was promoted as a Managing partner of LP. Prior to joining LP he worked as a lecturer at Law school and then as an associate and senior in-house lawyer for the largest commercial bank in Mongolia. He also served as head of the law department of the largest telecom company in Mongolia. During this time he worked successfully on many cases and disputes related to contracts, patents and antitrust. He also worked on a number of investment and commercial transactions as a legal counsel.

LP has experienced and highly qualified lawyers. Ms Temuulen Bataa, who is an advisor to the firm, acquired her LL.M and PhD in Germany and specialises in private law. She works for LP and also teaches private law at the National University of Mongolia.

Mr Amartuvshin Sukhbaatar, who is a partner of the firm, acquired his LL.M and qualified in Mongolia. He also teaches at the National University of Mongolia. He has recently been counselling and working as a co-drafter on a number of draft legislations, including a draft law on Urban legal environment.

One of the aspirational policies of the new management team of LP is to become a national leading law firm, which can contribute high technology and innovation and open up an appropriate competitive legal environment within Mongolia. Pursuant to this policy the firm provides legal advice on construction projects, such as an industrial complex project in Dornogobi province and a processing plant project in the central region of the country.

Additionally, the firm has co-operated with “Taylor Wessing”, an international law firm as one team on an industrial complex project since 2013. We benefited from this collaboration and were able to increase our experience and capacity.

Furthermore, LP works closely with start-up software companies in Mongolia.