Our lawyers and advocates are specialised and skilled in civil, administrative and criminal litigation, and have long-term experience in their respective fields. We protect our clients’ legal rights and interests using all possible legal methods and collaborate with them by means of regular contact. Since our lawyers have professional liability insurance in accordance with the Law on Lawyer’s legal status, they can represent clients at pre-trial and trial processes and arbitration, as well as enforcing the court’s decision, and provide legal advice and services in the following areas;

Within the scope of civil cases and disputes:

  • Represent clients in terms of solving cases or disputes by trial or non-trial processes;
  • Develop draft claims, increase claims’ requirements, collect evidence, develop responses to claims, and submit counterclaims and requests;
  • Submit complaints, requests and petitions related to  the case to the authorities;
  • Provide other necessary legal advice related to the case or dispute.

Common civil disputes we work on:

  • Disputes that arise in relation to all sorts of contracts and agreements;
  • Labour disputes;
  • Obligation disputes due to damage;
  • Disputes related to damaging the honour, dignity and business reputation of a citizen or legal entity;
  • Disputes that arise from the ownership, possession and usage of an immovable and movable property;
  • Intellectual property disputes;
  • Disputes between founders and shareholders of a company or legal entity;
  • Disputes on the rights of ownership, possession and usage of public apartments;
  • Inheritance and testament disputes;
  • Divorce and common property disputes.

Within the scope of administrative cases and disputes:

  • Represent clients at trial and pre-trial processes;
  • Submit complaints, requests and petitions related to a case or dispute to the administrative authorities and officials, and submit claims, responses to claims and counterclaims to the court;
  • Participate in the court decision enforcement procedure;
  • Provide clients with other necessary legal advice.

Common administrative disputes we work on: 

  • Mining and natural resource disputes;
  • Land disputes;
  • State official disputes;
  • Election disputes;
  • Taxation disputes;
  • Intellectual property registration disputes;
  • Disputes related to tender, selection, and competition;
  • Disputes regarding customs inspection procedure;
  • State registration disputes;
  • Disputes regarding state inspection;
  • Securities disputes;
  • Disputes related to enterprises’ license to operate.

Within the scope of criminal cases:

  • Participate as an advocate in inspection and trial processes;
  • Submit complaints and requests to the case registrar, investigator and court during investigation processes;
  • Provide clients with other necessary legal advice.

 Common criminal cases we work on:

  • Crimes against human life and health;
  • Crimes against individuals’ rights, freedom, reputation and dignity;
  • Crimes against children, family and public morals;
  • Crimes against the citizens’ political and other rights and freedoms;
  • Crimes against the right of ownership;
  • Economic crimes;
  • Crimes against public security;
  • Crimes against public health;
  • Crimes that involve the breaking of environmental protection rules;
  • Crimes that involve the breaking of rules of safety of traffic and use of motor vehicles;
  • Crimes against administrative order;
  • Malfeasance crimes.

Within the scope of arbitration:

  • Represent clients in the arbitration process and develop claims, responses and other relevant legal documents.

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