Competition is the primary factor that affects the normal operation and development of a market economy. The ability to protect their  rights and interests enables both businessmen and consumers to compete in a fair and legal manner.

Competition law is one of the leading sectors of our law firm, and at the request of the Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection of Mongolia, we organised a workshop for its workers on the “Role of Competition agency and dominance” on the 2nd February 2014.

Our specialist team, who have experience in competition law, are able to offer the following legal consultancy services for individuals and legal entities whose legal rights and interests are infringed due to unfair competition or who are accused of violating competition law.

  • Provide information and advice and organise training on the legal environment and competition legislation for clients;
  • Conduct a legal evaluation of issues related to competition law and develop the necessary legal documents on these issues;
  • Represent clients with the state authorities and in court.

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