More enterprises are currently cooperating to establish long term concession agreements in order to equally allocate the potential risk for mutually beneficial usage and the development and operation of public and private partnerships.

We have recently provided legal advice regarding a substantial infrastructure agreement between a company invested by Japan and the Mongolian Ministry of Economic development.

Our law firm can develop concessions and other types of agreement between the public and private sector, provide advice for their future operation, and offer the following legal advice and services to individuals and legal entities that are operating in the construction sector;

  • Prepare presentations and organise workshops on legal regulations for concession and construction legislation, as well as contracts of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC);
  • Perform due diligence, issue a legal opinion and draft contracts or other legal documents related to the concession agreement between a public and private partnership and provide legal advice for the operation after signing the agreement;
  • Develop contracts and other relevant official letters related to construction, obtain special licenses for construction, represent the client with the authorities, and provide other legal advice related to the company’s operation.

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