Starting with the foundation of your company we are ready to help you with any legal issues that could potentially arise. The advice of professional and highly skilled lawyers is critical  to avoid risk, as well as eliminate conflict and develop future action plans and goals in compliance with the law. Our law firm is able to provide the following complex legal consultancy services within the scope of corporate law;

  • Develop the necessary documents to establish a foreign and domestically invested company, register with the authorities and provide the necessary legal advice;
  • Prepare due diligence, develop the relevant documents and give legal advice in terms of the company’s modification process due to mergers, consolidation, separation and reorganisation.
  • Develop the necessary regulations, contracts and other relevant documents and provide legal advices for the company’s internal operation;
  • Develop draft contracts and participate in the signing of contracts, inspect and amend agreements received from the company’s customers at the client’s request and provide an additional explanation and consultation;
  • Provide legal advice and develop a draft of relevant documents related to the issue of shares, purchase of shares and purchase of property;
  • Obtain an investor card, labour and residential permission and extend the date for foreign invested companies.

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