Our lawyers have experience in giving advice to legal entities that operate in the energy industry and for major projects that are being implemented in this industry. We successfully provided legal consulting services to the Ministry of Energy on the project for new thermal station and heating network construction in central areas of some provinces. The project implemented in accordance with Mongolian Government Resolution №29 “Intensifying the project of improving heating supply in some provinces” dated 28 January, 2014. This project has a feature of being completed for the first time in Mongolia under “Private Finance Initiative” (PFI) model within the scope of Public-Private Partnership (PPP). It was required a wide range of legal and policy research for the development of the contracts and documents of the project. This was not only the first and most innovative project in the energy sector, but also in our country’s entire legal system.

We successfully worked as legal advisers to the project and performed due diligence in order to determine the legal status of the participants. Additionally, we finished drafting and handed over a number of contracts, including a public-private cooperation agreement to build heating plants and a heating network system, a coal sale and purchase agreement, water use agreement, customer control contract, heating energy prices and tariff regulation contract, energy use contract, and a financial agreement. Consequently, we are able to provide the following legal advice and services to individuals, legal entities and investors in the energy sector;

  • Develop introduction and organise workshops regarding energy legislation;
  • Conduct due diligence, analyses and counselling, draft contracts on power transmission and distribution infrastructure connectivity, utilisation, tariff and dispatch contracts, and investment contracts in the energy sector, as well as other legal documents;
  • Draft documents that are necessary to obtain a special license for the production and construction of industrial buildings in the energy sector and provide legal advice related to entrepreneurship;
  • Represent clients with the state authorities and in court.

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