As can be seen from the 2011, 2012 and 2013 annual reports of the Information Technology, Postal and Telecommunication Authority and Communication Regulatory Commission and the statistics of the industry, the demand for the services of the telecommunication industry, which is being developed as part of the country’s basic infrastructure, is  increasing on a daily basis as a result of the policies, projects and programmes implemented by the government. Furthermore, there is a huge increase in public and private investment in this industry and the profits and revenue of the operators are increasing every year.

The lawyers who work for us have long-term experience in this sector and of cooperating with leading information technology and communication operating companies. We are currently conducting a series of seminars on pricing and competition policy at the request of a client. We are able to offer the following legal advice and services in this area;

  • Provide information and advice and organise training on legislation in the information technology and telecommunication industry for clients;
  • Perform due diligence, draft contracts or other relevant legal documents, and provide advice on activities related to commencing and extending operations, constructing telecommunication cables and networks and their usage and service operation;
  • Represent clients in investment agreements;
  • Conduct a legal evaluation of any dispute that occurs between server, consumer and regulating authority, represent clients in court, and develop claims and responses.

Relevant staff