Property law, especially immovable property law, is one of our leading-edge services. In  contemporary times, immovable property relations not only require knowledge of the law, but also of the economy and taxation, as well as the ability to provide a financial and environmental assessment. Our team of lawyers, who are professionals with rich knowledge and skills and are specialised in immovable property relations are able to provide following legal consultancy services related to owning, using, managing and spending immovable properties for owners, users and investors and individuals and legal entities who are constructing new buildings;

  • Obtain the relevant special permissions, provide advice on construction norms and standards, register with the authorities, and prepare drafts of the necessary legal documents related to the creation of new immovable property/construction of buildings and facilities;
  • Provide legal consultancy and develop the relevant draft contracts for issues related to owning immovable property, partially owning or jointly owning immovable property, registering with the state, obtaining certificates and transferring ownership;
  • Provide advice and develop the necessary contracts and legal documents related to pledging immovable property to others and obtaining immovable property as a pledge;
  • Develop leasing contracts for immovable property leases and registering them with the authorities;
  • Represent clients in disputes related to immovable properties.

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