Since its emergence in the late 17th century, insurance has become one of the most effective means to protect individuals and legal entities and their property from potential danger and risk and to compensate them for any damage and loss they may incur. The development of the insurance sector in Mongolia in recent years has generated a huge increase in the number of individuals and legal entities who insure their property from potential risk. Our firm’s management has experience of working as a legal advisor for a major insurance company in Mongolia and of developing the regulations and contract drafts used in insurance activities. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer the following services for enterprises in the insurance business, as well as individuals who are insured;

  • Provide legal consultancy and organise training on insurance legislation for clients;
  • Obtain a special license for insurance operation, develop documents related to license extension and represent clients with the authorities;
  • Draft agreements and legal documents, perform due diligence, provide a legal opinion and advice related to any matter that arises from insurance and double insurance activity;
  • Develop a risk management policy, policy documents, other internal regulations, contracts and legal documents for the operation of insured individuals and legal entities.

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