Protecting the legal rights and interests of intellectual property owners and the effective use of their intellectual property have become critical issues, making it essential for individuals and enterprises to implement effective intellectual property management. It is vital for users of intellectual property to refrain from violating intellectual property legislation by acquiring the advice of professional lawyers and law firms.

Our lawyers have experience of implementing effective intellectual property management, developing, checking and advising on draft agreements made within the scope of intellectual property legislation, representing clients in disputes related to intellectual property legislation in companies like Mobicom, Mongol Content, Newtel, Skytel, etc.

Lastly, we have worked on an intellectual property dispute regarding the illegal acquisition and usage of a newly-established software company’s source code and resolved it in our client’s interest.

Our lawyers, who are specialised, experienced and skilled in intellectual property legislation, are able to offer the following complex legal consultancy services within the scope of intellectual property;

  • Provide legal advice and organise training on issues related to obtaining a copyright certificate;
  • Develop the necessary legal documents and provide advice on issues related to exercising a special right to use property (to copy, publish and disclose property to the public and to give property for leasing) and the transfer of this special right;
  • Prepare  necessary documents and represent clients with the authorities to submit applications and obtain the relevant patents and certificates for new creations, new products, product models and useful models;
  • Register a trademark in international and regional juresdictions, provide legal advice and represent clients with the authorities;
  • Register geographical signs in authorised organisations, provide legal advice and represent clients with the authorities;
  • Elaborate intellectual property policy documents and conduct an audit on intellectual property;
  • Represent clients in cases and disputes related to the illegal use of intellectual property, submit requests and petitions to intellectual property authorities, submit claims and responses to the court and develop other relevant documents.

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