The proper regulation of the relationship between employees and employers prevents any unwanted disputes, and even if a dispute arises, it can be satisfactorily resolved. We understand that every organisation is unique in its own way and, as such, it requires specific tailored services.  Our lawyers, who are specialised in labour law, are able to offer the following comprehensive legal services;.

  • Develop regulatory and other documents to regulate the internal labour relations of legal entities and companies and provide the relevant legal consultancy;
  • Prepare the necessary draft documents and provide legal advice on issues related to hiring, signing and terminating labour contracts, transferring jobs, providing allowances, imposing labour discipline and punishment, and property accountability;
  • Develop a package of health and safety regulations;
  • Represent clients in sole or joint labour disputes;
  • Submit a complaint or request and represent clients in preliminary proceedings related to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions and termination disputes of state workers, draft claims, complaints, requests or other necessary legal documents for the court and represent or defend clients in court proceedings.

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