We are currently working as a client’s advocate on a case that involves a dispute between a legal entity with a license to exploit Mongolia’s strategically important mineral deposit and a company with a license to explore and exploit other mineral resources. Our lawyers have years of experience in providing legal advice to legal entities in the mineral resources and mining industry, and are able to offer the following services;

  • Develop the legal documents necessary for obtaining a special license to explore and exploit mineral resources;
  • Develop draft contracts and documents, conduct due diligence or a legal assessment and provide advice on issues related to the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and the transfer and pledge of a special license;
  • Provide advice and develop the relevant contracts and documents for investing in a company with a mineral resource special license and the selling and purchasing of its shares;
  • Develop legal documents and provide legal advice on obtaining a certificate for owning and using land and issues related to owning and using land;
  • Develop contracts and other legal documents related  to oil operations;
  • Develop the documents necessary for obtaining a special license to manufacture, operate and construct plants and facilities;
  • Develop contracts and legal documents, conduct a legal assessment and provide advice related to the connection and utilisation of infrastructure and the transfer of distributing power;
  • Develop contracts for selling and purchasing oil products and provide relevant legal advice on these activities;
  • Represent clients with the state authorities and in court;

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